My Process - The L.U.M.E.N. Model


My graduate program at Kent State really pushed the LUMEN Model as the preferred methodology for design thinking. It's very similar to the User Centered Design process, except it adds in a step to take time to analyze your research.


Photo Credit - Jo Szczepanska

I personally have fallen in love with this model and recommend it to every designer

  • Learn
    • Understand the problem and background information
  • Understand
    • Synthesize and analyze your research to find core issues or underlying patterns
  • iMagine
    • Design the product and create multiple iterations
  • Evaluate
    • Run usability evaluations - I do this for paper prototypes, lo-fi wireframes, and first click analysis with the hi-fi comps. 
  • iNform
    • Communicate the design and design choices to the team
B Parsons