Week 19 @ KSU's UXD Program - Moderating Usability Sessions

I loved this module! Before entering the program, I was much more into the design aspect of UX, but working directly with people to understand how they think and how their mistakes can improve a product is incredibly interesting to me. This module was eye opening, helpful, and frustrating all at the same time. In a nut shell for this module I learned that I will never run a perfect usability session, I have to watch my self on camera to constantly improve (I hate that fact), and that no one session will be identical. 

The best part of this module for someone who has never conducted a usability session in a professional lab was going through all of the minute details that you need to be prepared for. People of different cultures (understand their facial reactions and basic cultural interactions), people with disabilities (there are few braille translating companies in the states and don't pet  service dogs unless you ask first/their uniform is off), and what to expect with testing kids (they will likely have siblings tag along and have entertainment ready to occupy them while they wait). All of these may come across as common sense, but I would have had to learn the hard way had I not read these chapters and I could not be happier that I learned all of this now. 

B Parsons