Understanding User Experience

Looking back on this week's work I realize that one of my biggest challenges moving forward is having to adopt the idea of "Design Thinking" because when I see the problem and my instinct is to immediately begin to fix it, not solve it. That tiny difference is the BEST take away from this week for me. Multiple times, in the lectures, readings, and other postings, I kept seeing that your first design will never be right. I need to begin to iteratively design everything, seek constant feedback, and allow a broader range of ideas during brain storming to become a great user experience professional.

After going through the class presentations and some of the readings that touched upon the User Experience (UX) field, it has become clear that my strengths and passions will be best suited for interaction Design/information architecture and user research. Before the readings, I knew I loved UX, but was lost as where I could succeed and enjoy myself with the day to day duties. Now I am certain that I joined the right master's program and am even more excited to jump into this field with my goals of becoming either a user researcher or information architect.

One last thing to add - This video was great, very inspirational, and I am so appreciative it was mandated learning!

B Parsons