Week 2 @ KSU's UXD program

The two things that really stuck out to me were the Gestalt Principles and how they related to our brains and the mental models we perceive. The Gestalt Principles are a great guideline for me to now use when doing iterative designs in early stages to try to pick up on obvious flaws. This is something I will carry with me going forward in absolutely every project related to UX.

The mental model is a little more abstract and is truly difficult for me to pick examples in the real world on my own. Why? Because you have to know that it's false to begin with. I feel like this is something you learn more about as parents when kids constantly ask how or why things work the way the do. As adults, we stop caring or realizing that something doesn't work as you first thought and just carry on with the rest of our lives. Hopefully I'll remember to track all the things that are false mental models when my kids ask me about stuff in the future.

B Parsons