Week 14 @ KSU's UXD Program - Portfolios

I've had a UX Portfolio online for about a year and a half even though I've never had the title of UX in my previous jobs. This week was eye opening because I learned several things I was doing wrong and realized anything that "may" be bothering me about my website, is likely bothering everyone else looking at it (from the feedback I received from my teammates). Previously, I had tons of pictures and images of work I did, good and bad, with no explanation. 

The readings were simple and to the point and helped me get my portfolio from being obviously amateur to somewhat professional. The biggest take aways from this week were:

1. Only display your best work

2. Use PARL to explain how you went about the work

3. Design as if the viewer has 60 seconds, so layout and content are king

B Parsons