Week 24 @ KSU's UXD Program - Unmoderated Remote Usability

This week was very interesting going over the data and performing the analysis on McAlister's Deli website. Really being able to study where people got confused via audio and video only and using that to determine the necessary design changes was completely different from in person studies. I had to actually interview someone with the same task in person to make sure I was seeing what the other remote testers were seeing.

One example of this was the ordering process. McAlister's apparently has two different ordering website vendors, causing me to initially believe that one of those vendors simply did not have the toppings that the first remote user could not find. This was because the second remote tester had accomplished the task on the other vendor's website with ease. Knowing that participant one was a professional web developer and very smart, I figured it had to be restraint on the website. It was not until I sat down with someone in and saw it with my own eyes, was it obvious that the first vendor had a terrible UX design. 

Although this showed a serious flaw in my own UX judgement by assuming rather than verifying, at least I learned quickly and was not only able to correct my assumption, but also take this as a learning experience going forward.

B Parsons