Week 25 @ KSU's UXD Program - Mobile Device Usability Testing

This week was eye opening for me because I had not fully realized the complexity of mobile UX until reading "Mobile Usability". Every point they make in the book seems so obvious when you say it out loud, but I would have easily made some of the same mistakes mentioned had I not read this book or performed the research necessary to capture it. I will brag a little and say that I did find a few major lessons learned during my own testing the past two weeks at my new UX role, such as vague or unfamiliar titles for Calls to Action which caused difficulty for our users to sign up for emails. Having this book and my research to be able to back that up means I have concrete evidence to argue.

Although I'm currently only working on a website now, it was great reading about how people interact physically with devices such as gestures in case we move into augmented reality with large touch screens in our stores. Knowing that most people are familiar with basic smartphone gestures helps me design the interactions necessary. It also helps me bring in the reigns when trying to be too clever as people would get frustrated with overloaded commands. 

B Parsons