Week 5 @ KSU's UXD Program

This week covered a primer on composition and layout as it deals with Visual Design. The grid system is by far the greatest take away for me. Prior to this week's studies I was not aware of the grid and my layouts for screens had no real way of aligning or making sense while looking elegant. Since the lecture and readings I have already built out several templates of grid's for mobile devices and web pages to use later because I realize how essential they are when designing a layout.

Although this entire week was great in understanding many of the skills I have never had to use on being a systems analyst, asymmetry and the idea of balance in the webpage or any layout design was very useful for me to imagine how to create attractive designs that are still informative and useful. This knowledge now gives me freedom to be more creative and move out of constantly building a very structured and static layout which is all I have known before. Again, I can't stress enough how much all the pieces of this week's studies helped me gain the knowledge to critique and build layout designs!

B Parsons