Week 6 @ KSU's UXD Program

This week's topic in typography was fairly new to me. The article's posted on Pinterest from other classmates were very helpful, especially "!2 Typography Guidelines for Good Website Usability." There are a lot of things to think about with type, it's the majority of what is on the page for most designers so you better think it through. The best example from the article was "Don't use the color blue" because people will assume it's a hyperlink. It's an obvious point in hindsight, but one a designer may gloss over with all of the other issues they might have on their mind.

My favorite part of the week was watching the moving Helvetica. I will forever associate this font with beauty and evil corporations. I have always enjoyed modern swiss design from the 1950's and to now know where this font came from, how it was composed, and what it means to people across the global in the design world is absolutely astonishing. It's popularity and elegance is unparalleled which is why so many have love-hate relationships with it. Before watching this movie I would have not known anyone would know all of the type faces on a Mac, let alone work for a company dedicated completely to creating and managing type faces.

B Parsons