Week 8 @ KSU's UXD Program - Project Proposals

This week covered the project proposal and all its glory. Having never been in a formal contracted UX project before, I was completely unaware that this document existed, so all of the learning this week were new to me and very helpful. The analogy of the proposal essentially being a statement of work is great starting point to realize the necessity of the document, but as I learned from the presentation, there are a few differences that separate them, including a timeline and a few other key points give more insight into the project's purpose.

I happened to be talking with a co-worker earlier this week at Nike who works in the UX department and does a little UX on the side for extra income. One of the projects I helped him with a few a weeks ago is starting to get a bit more serious and he is beginning to create a contract for the project. He made some really good points about the purpose of the contract that I hadn't really thought of before, it typically settles any agreements or disagreements, covers yourself, but most importantly lets each party know where they stand. That last point is very beneficial in his case because the work he is doing is for a friend, so setting boundaries is difficult but necessary step they must agree upon.

B Parsons