Week 7 @ KSU's UXD Program

This week was, in all honesty, extremely aggravating because of how good I thought I was with the grid system and coming to the obvious conclusion that you need more than a couple of weeks to master it. Although the grid system is supposed to keep you in line, it's still extremely fluid which is the crux of the aggravation... the possibilities go from infinite to less than infinite  when you don't stick to a plan. I loved creating the rapid designs, but realizing all of the areas you can correct and recorrect still made it seem overwhelming towards the end. That all being said, I still absolutely loved doing it, I just need a better way of streamlining my process. 

After submitting my work I decided to go back through the steps I performed and try to come up with a better solution for building a persona (or really any one page document) and this is what I decided - 

  1. Find out what information needs to be included
  2. Group the information logically
  3. Sort the groups based on importance
  4. Draw out a few layouts with all of the groups of informations - I drew 6 I liked and 2 I thought wouldn't work just to get the creative juices flowing
  5. Build the top 3 Prototypes in Sketch
  6.  Refine the options and choose one
  7. Build the Grid System for the finalized layout
  8. Place the information in accordingly
  9. Choose Font System
  10. Choose Colors
  11. Review



B Parsons