Week 10 @ KSU's UXD Program

This week was a lot of information in areas that I thought I knew fairly well. Being a Systems Analyst I know how to drop up some pretty complex and professional workflow diagrams, but seeing this from the user's perspective is a completely different beast. Every step has to be marked, anything they could do wrong has to be accounted for more, and most difficult is putting yourself in their shoes as if you had a new pair of eyes on it all.

The readings were really helpful, but the presenting your initial work to the team was the biggest step I've taken mentally in this course. It's frightening to think of what people might say, but as soon as you read the critiques and realize they have a point, you start to crave more feedback. If there was one thing I can take away from this course is that I should constantly be looking for feedback on any project before I turn it in.

B Parsons