Week 11 @ KSU's UXD Program

This week was chaotic due to my wedding going on, but at the same time I was able to enjoy the material because we started to get into the creative aspects of UX Research by building test scenarios and paper prototypes. The video from Lynda.com was great because it laid out exactly how to build the prototypes easily and effectively, such as using a cardboard backing to give the user resistance and weight to the prototype, mimicking a device, and printing out plenty of premade icons and boxes to use in a moments notice. These are very simple things, but you would never know them without seeing someone else do it, so I was extremely appreciative of that video.

This was my favorite week of this course so far because I really enjoyed learning how to use probing along with actual designs to gain actionable insights into user testing. Combining those two aspects make the user research so much for valuable than the sum of their parts. This week definitely started to bring everything together in my head as far running user testing.

B Parsons