Week 12 @ KSU's UXD Program

Another great week in this class for me. The reading from Communicating Design that went into the Testing Report had a lot of great insight for how to put the report (results) together and what/why to leave things out. The one common theme I am finding from this class is that when it comes to presenting findings, make sure they are actionable. Everything else isn't necessarily wasted space, but having clear and concise actionable takeaways in a report is its main purpose.

As far as running a test, this was my first time with paper prototypes and I immediately found out how unprepared I was. Questions will come up that you won't expect that are perfectly logical in hindsight and I'm guessing this happens to the most seasoned professionals. Being creative and prepared to have workarounds for any situation during the tests is definitely something that got me really excited and pushed me further into loving UX Research.

B Parsons