Week 52 @ KSU's UXD Program - Wireframes & Feedback

This week was focused on sketching wireframes and giving constructive feedback to your group members. Being a research heavy UX Designer, this is the kind of stuff that frustrates me with these courses because I'm assuming a lot of things that could have serious implications and I can't mitigate them. The positive of this same scenario though is that it helps me speed up my process and realize that no matter how much research I do, I will never have all the answers to everything... so I need these exercises to learn how to "just deal with it." There will be situations in the future where I won't have the time or luxury to verify all assumptions. (Even though I didn't do this, I just realized that I should call out all assumptions in these types of wireframes in the future when asking for feedback so they know what my thought process was)

Being that I am UX team of one (plus an intern for the summer) at my job, giving and receiving feedback is something that I know is a weakness of mine because of my circumstance, so to me the feedback was by far the most difficult and rewarding part of this week's exercises. I wish there would have been more articles and videos on how to give feedback, how to iterate your designs based on the feedback you receive, and most of all, what to look for when critiquing the UXD of other designs. If you know of any, please let me know :)

One of the biggest breakthroughs for me was going through the other group members' work and realizing how hard it was to understand their design choices without verbal communication. I now know how important it is to clearly explain and show your work (What you did, how it works, and why you decided that). One of my career goals is to be able to do UX work remotely and possibly as a freelancer. Knowing how difficult it is to clearly communicate to others with just images and text really made me realize how much I need to focus on this if I want to go remote in the future.

B Parsons