Week 53 @ KSU's UXD Program - Wireframes

I was beyond rushed this week with what I had going on at work and I knew this project was going to take a lot of time, so I knew there was going to be some late nights this weekend. Going off the amount of time it had taken me to create wireframes for my company back in January I figured it was going to take at least +30 hours to create these wireframes in Sketch.

What I hadn't taken into account is how much I dug myself into improving my own workflow the past few months sense design is one of my weaker areas in UX. The biggest payoffs were:

  1. Creating a style sheet before I created one artboard
  2. Creating each atomic component and saving it as a symbol
  3. Using the "Sketch Organizer" plugin to keep my symbols organized

Not only did this help me streamline my process, but it would have helped the development team out because I was "lazy" in trying to reuse components wherever logically possible.

I also enjoyed some of the criteria of the assignment that had me improve my presentation skills by including wireflows and adding in sections to go over specific areas. This makes the presentation overall easier to consume, it's like UX for UX....

B Parsons