Week 54 @ KSU's UXD Program - Interactive Wireframes

There is a lot to think about when designing for micro interactions and honestly, I was hoping this class would be all about micro interactions. I know it's something that I have very little knowledge and really want to improve because of it's importance. I believe if you understand the principles and the psychology behind micro interactions you can apply it to any design (GUI's, Industrial Design, Voice Interaction, etc.) field.

As far as the work this week, I wish there would have been a lot more time to think about the details and really learn Proto.io and less time to critique. That being said, I learned two big things about critiques:

  1. Visual Presentation - Although every other UX article seems to say it's about the thought process, not the glamorous visual design, everyone naturally and immediately assumes that the polished deliverable is well thought through.... even though it might not be. I was so enamored with my teammates work I was a little blinded about it's functionality. I know that in the future I need to get past that and think about the goals of the users and try to perform those.
  2. Unfinished Deliverables - When a teammate turns in an unfinished deliverable, it's difficult to critique because you don't know what parts they missed on purpose and which parts were just not well done. I was a little frustrated reviewing the person's work, but it was nice to be on this side of it because I know I have turned in unfinished items to my manager in the past. All the same frustrations I had this week, must have gone through my manager's head at the time I turned in something unfinished. It was super helpful to go through this process to have that empathy now!
B Parsons